Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rainy Day Projects

I really did want to post at least once a week but I am not doing well with that. When it comes to writing, I am lazy. Ask my well maybe not, they would be too happy to complain that I haven't emailed them in

Thursday on my day off from work, we got a lot of rain. Well I kept losing my internet connection. For some reason, when it rains a lot, my dsl connection goes out. It will come back for a few minutes and then goes out again. I couldn't get in the mood to work on the bears so I decided to get out the weaving loom I bought a few months back. Its a very basic loom but the shop owner said it would be the best for learning how to weave, especially tapestry weaving which is what I want to learn how to do. I also bought a book on how to weave which C. also recommended. The first project is a sampler of different stitches. I should have done a close up photo. Its hard to see the details. I decided that I love weaving. I can't wait to try weaving a picture. Now I need to sit down and draw some sketches to get something to use for a pattern. C. told me to put a sheet of paper behind my weaving so it would be easier to see the weaving. Also if I do a sketch, I can put it behind the loom and work from it. I have some watercolor paper that is the size of the loom. I'll post more pictures of my weaving as it progresses.

I am also posting a picture of the sock I finished knitting. It was my "at work on lunch" project. We get an hour lunch at work so I take my knitting to work on after I eat. I am not good at just sitting without going to sleep. lol I have started on the 2nd sock and can't wait to wear them.

Well it is getting late so I am off to bed. Until next time, keep on knitting or crocheting.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Waiting for the cold front

Tonight I started a new project. This one is for my sister, Sheri. I decided to try out a new yarn by Red Heart. Its called Red Heart Strata. It is a self-striping yarn that creates "fair isle patterns" which is why I bought it. Its similar in weight to Red Heart Supersavor but feels a little bit heaver to me. The only downfall is the yarn is rather rough. It wouldn't be that great for sweaters unless you wore something under it.

Three guesses what my project is? lol Sheri emailed me early this morning before she went to work and appealed for my help. She needed me to make 3 of my yarn teddy bears for some children. The bears are about 7 or 8" high. I lost count how many of these bears I have made. They are so fun and quick to make. Originally the bears were made from a pattern from Family Circle or Women's Day magazine in the mid-80es. I have made so many that I memorized the basics of the pattern. I usually change patterns to suit myself so I have strayed somewhat from the pattern. I do wish that I could find the pattern though but I have no idea where I put it for safe keeping. Sheri, if you are reading this, I guess you know what my answer is... ;)

Speaking of my dear sister, I am excited to say that Sheri finally ironed out her technical difficulties with getting to post to the blog so she will finally start posting soon. I will let her introduce herself. However, I'm not sure when she will be posting yet, she um...lost her keyboard. Hey, it could happen! If you saw all the yarn Sheri has and like me, she is running out of places to store it. Then there is her cat Remy who is still a kitten and very mischievous. She came home one day to find him stretched out on the keyboard.

If you are wondering about the title for this post, I live in the Houston area and it is still hot here. Once in a while the weather man promises us a cold front which really means that the temperature drops a few degrees then is hotter than ever. It really takes the fun out of making sweaters when you only get to wear them 2 times a year. At this point, I'd be happy if the temps go down to the 70es.

Well its late and I work tomorrow so I better wrap it up for now. Until next time, Keep on knitting or crocheting.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Name the Bear Contest

Sheri & I thought it would be fun to have a name the bear contest. Sheri came up with the idea that who ever wins the contest will get a link to their blog or website added to Knit~Crochet Mania. If the winner doesn't have a blog or website, we will figure out a different prize. The main idea is to have fun. :) If you have an idea for a name, email me at
I decided that the winner will be picked in a drawing. (whoever's name is drawn will win)

The cat in the picture is Katie Kat. She usually stays in my computer room when I am in it. The computer room is also my art and craft room. Katie is holding one of my projects which is a sock made out of self-striping yarn. Oh and you thought she was really knitting? Katie is very smart but she prefers unwinding the balls of yarn. lol

I recently learned how to knit the socks on two circular needles instead of the double pointed needles. I found out that it goes very quickly and it is easier to avoid the "ladder stitch" that you sometimes get from double pointed needles. The next pair of socks I am going to try knitting two socks at the same time on the circular needles. I have to force myself to make the 2nd sock and this should resolve that problem.

It is getting late, and I am so sleepy today.
Until next time, keep on crocheting or knitting.

View of the orange bear standing. You can see one of the beads I used at the leg joints.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Tiniest Bear

Well maybe not the littlest bear in existance but my crochet bear stands 3" tall. I crocheted it from a free pattern for a bear created by Edith Molina. Edith's bear, Monique is 2 1/2" tall and is adorable. Much cuter than mine. The bear is made from size 10 crochet cotton and a American size 7 steel crochet hook. I probally should have used a size 8 hook as I crochet loose but it was so tiny and my eyes had to take long breaks after making a section.

I made a few changes to the orange bear from the original pattern. I made the ears larger and used a verigated tatting thread for the mussle. The bear is jointed and I decided to use larger matching purple beads for the tops of the legs. The eyes are purple and topez round beads. I haven't decided on a name for the orange bear. Any suggestions, please leave a comment. I need help. lol I used a scrap of Oriental looking fabric for the bear to sit on for the photo. I will probally make a scarf to wrap around his neck. I had so much fun crocheting this bear! I am planning to make more. Edith crocheted some of her bears using thin acrylic yarn and then brushed the bear to make him fuzzy. I found some thin wool yarn at my favorite yarn shop. The shop owner suggested felting a bear. hum...

Stay tuned for more bears, meanwhile keep on crocheting.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Afghans Etc. 4 Charity

I haven't done so well keeping up with this blog.
It reminds me of when I was a kid and would get a diary for Christmas. I was always thrilled. I'd keep up with it for a few days, then the rest of the year remained blank. lol I think there was only one time that I actually wrote in a journal
everyday. I used a 3 ring notebook and found that having a larger space to write on gave me the freedom to write what I was feeling. I was in high school and have destroyed it long ago. Its embarrassing what you write when you are a teenager. lol

I have gotten a lot of crochet and knitting projects done lately. This one is a 12" square that I crocheted for a online charity group; that crochets for the children at St. Jude's Hospital for children who have cancer. My sister Sheri was the first to join then recently I joined. I am really happy I did. It really makes me happy to think maybe I can help comfort a child who is dealing with more than any child should have to in life. The group owner, Roger and the other members are amazing. They give so much of their time to help these children. They are a great group of people.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! It seems like this year has passed so quickly. This time last year, I was having a problem with a slipped disc which i thought was a pulled muscle in my back. After many trips to the dr. and 3 cortisoine shots, I finally got back to normal but found out I have
arthritus in my right hip which still acts up. Not as bad as the slipped disk though... Its better to see the positive side. lol

Christmas was nice though, my husband & I spent a nice quiet day at home. I got my husband a little remote car in which he had fun playing with our cat Katie with. I should have taken pictures. When Katie got tired of watching the car, she simply flipped it over like she would a bug and then watched its wheels spin uselessly. lol

I am very happy to announce that my younger sister Sheri has joined me in my blog Crochet Mania. Sheri is also hooked on crochet. She learned how to crochet about a year ago and is getting really good. Hopefully between the two of us, there will be more posts.

I hope you had a very nice Christmas and all your dreams for the new year come true.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Projects & Baby

Its hard to believe that a year has past since I started this blog. I have been terrible about blogging. Hum, maybe add that to my New Year's resolution I have been crocheting a lot but I can't share any pictures until after Christmas since what I am working on is presents for my family known as Project S. by my younger sister and myself. lol I once shared the link to this blog with my older brother and he bookmarked it, so just in case he looks, he won't find out what he is getting from this page. ;)

However, I will post a picture of my youngest cat, Baby. Ok, actually she doesn't have a name yet. We can't seem to agree on a name for her. However, Baby fits her. Ok maybe a baby She is a good cat though, she is very smart and likes to play tricks on the other cats oh and especially her mother, Cw who is not much bigger than her. Cw is a small cat and it looks like Baby is going to stay small too. Luckily the other cats look after them both.